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Comic016: "Click"Comic016 Comic017Comic017: "Got Soul?"
Comic018: "Kosher Ninja"Comic018 Comic019Comic019: "Thanksgiving"
Comic020: "Cell Phone pt.1"Comic020 Comic021Comic021: "Cell Phone pt. 2"
Comic022: "Teeth"Comic022 Comic023Comic023: "Idea Shop"
Comic024: "Bear Trap"Comic024 Comic025Comic025: "Rabbit Slippers"
Comic026: "Flaming Monkey"Comic026 Comic027Comic027: "Zombie Valentine"
Comic028: "Zen and the High Speed Connection"Comic028 Comic029Comic029: "Life Meter pt 1: Do You Hear a Beeping?"
Comic030: "Life Meter pt 2: Take it Off!"Comic030 Comic031Comic031: "Life Meter pt 3: Mmmmm, Milk"
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